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Must-have tools for SEO

Mohit Ranjan
Mohit Ranjan
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Mohit Ranjan
Mohit Ranjan

To have your website visible on famous search engines like Google, you need to do a lot of stuffs that comes under Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We need to consider a lot of things like content quality, relevancy, keywords, images and many more but many of us don't know just how. So here I am with a list of must-have SEO tools that will help you to get your content visible to more people via Search Engines.

Let us start with the content. To create a content we need to do a little bit of keyword research. After keyword research one knows what words or sentences people search that falls under your content's niche. Using such keywords and sentences boosts your reach exponentially. There are a lot of tools to find relevant keywords.

  • AlsoAsked (FREE) This is the best keyword finding tool I have come across. Here you just have to type your niche in the searchbox and choose the language and it will scoop out the most relevant keywords and sentences that have been around frequently. Similar : KeywordPeopleUse (FREE)

  • KeywordsEveryWhere (FREE) It is a browser extension that shows a relevancy graph for anything you search on google along with many other infographics like SEO difficulty and related search string. It will help you find more related content to create.

  • UberSuggest (PAID/TRIAL) Ubersuggest is a quite powerful tool for keywords, as it has way lot more features than the previous ones. Not only it would suggest the relevant keywords for you but it would analyse the back-link oppertunities. This report will show you who links to your competitors and doesn't link to you. Not only this, you get to audit your site, estimate the traffic and many more.

Besides my favourites, there are more keyword research tools available online like WordStream,

Now that we have found our keywords, we need to optimise our content and by optimisation, I mean a lot of things like grammar validation, duplicacy and more. For these, I just might know a few tools that'll help you go.

  • SiteLiner (FREE) It is an amazing tool to find the broken links, duplicate contents and many more infographics about your page performance, size, links per page, text to HTML ratio, etc. It will help you keep an eye on crawling issues and content quality

  • Plagiarism Detector (FREE) It helps you to check if your content is original and unique. Unique and relevant contents have higher chances to be at the top of search result pages, while plagiarised content is avoided by Google as per documentation on search central.

  • Hemingway (FREE) Helps you to write bolder contents like copywriting or terms and services. It makes the content easier to read by improving the tone of sentence with grammar, or shorten the complex sentences.

  • Grammarly (FREE/PAID) Grammarly is the most popular tool used to improve the content quality grammatically. It also helps you to get the opinion of how your paragraph sounds to a reader. It has both free and paid versions, where free version provides you basic grammar checks and mood detection while the paid version even constructs the sentences for you as per your choices.

So our content is ready as well. Nest step is to check if our web page passes the validation checks created by Google or not. I have compiled a group of tools provided by Google itself to test our web pages on different scales. Also these tools are absolutely free, you just need to verify your ownership of your domain.

  • Google Search Console Search console is the SEO admin panel for your website. It has everything from URL index request to Sitemap validation. It has a lot of performance and index boosting add-ons like AMP as well. Search console is also used to recrawl and revalidate the fixes. It has all the infographics of ypur index sites and those which aren't as well with reasons. You can run your pagespeed validations as well. Every SEO page must have their domains registered at Search console, which can be done just by pasting the text or CNAME config in their DNS config.

  • Google Analytics With search console we also must have Google analytics as a tool as it helps us to track the user engagements like clicks, touch and how much time did the user spent on pages along with the bounce rate. The informations are very important for the content creators to create the content that sells.

  • Page Speed Insights Pagespeed is tool to measure the performance of your pages. It has several parameters to measure the performace of a page for example, Cumulative Layout Shift, Largest Contentful Paint and many more. You can read about them here.

There are more tools like Mobile Friendly test, Google blacklist checker To check the mobile friendliness and if your URL has been blacklisted by Google for some reason.

For now these are the important tools that I have compiled, but I will keep updating this list as I come up with more. Until then, keep hustling.